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 Meet the van Staal Family
  • Poppie Saucier than Mrs. Balls, and does the Salsa like  no other.
  • Klara Sweeter than a Wilson Toffee /fashion designer / collects vintage Fassler
  • Japie Egoli stock exchange guru with a piggy bank as well as a heart of Gold and Huisgenoot Crossword Puzzle champ
  • Griet Volunteer for Madiba Childrens's fund; her iPod(sponsored by Japie) includes albums by Air, Dido and Kerkorrel
  • Stoffel Yoga / rugby instructor and knits 80's inspired legwarmers in free time
  • Bapsie She's clean cut and super sweet, but Babsie is no koeksister.
  • Kerneels Kerneels - In memory of Neels (1951 - 2007). Thank you for Lucia, your music, friendship, love and the best spaghetti bolognaise in Gauteng.
  • Dirk Loves to fork out whatever it takes to put on the best Braai. He's sharp and sassy and knows how to pick up  a vleisie.
  • Daan A golf instructor at San Lameer: with balls like Ernie, he's calm and a collector's item, he's played more holes than a colander and knows how to get out of hot and sticky situations.
  • Emma Emma, though cheesier than 7de Laan, has a serve that will give Wayne Ferreira a run for his money.
  • Katrien Bloemfontein architecture student on Atkins Diet and Dutch Reformed church choir drummer
  • Sarel Modern African Cuisine / Sushi chef in Hermanus and 2 time consecutive Peninsula Potjiekos King!